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Marine and RV

From starting performance to a boatload of trolling and accessory power, Intimidator marine/RV batteries won't have any trouble in meeting marine or RV needs. A spillproof, maintenance-free design brings essential convenience and safety to the boating and RV enthusiast. 20x the vibration resistance* and an Enhanced Electrolyte Suspension System withstand wave-pounding vibration or the worst road conditions. Extra protection against deep discharge damage and 2x the cycle life* enables long days of trolling with enough power to safely start the engine.
Model: 8A24M
Capacity Ah: 79
CCA: 470
Model: 8A27M
Capacity Ah: 92
CCA: 580
Model: 8A31DTM
Capacity Ah: 105
CCA: 800
Model: 8A4DM
Capacity Ah: 198
CCA: 1110
Model: 8A8DM
Capacity Ah: 245
CCA: 1350
Model: 8AGC2M
Capacity Ah: 187
CCA: 690
Model: 8AU1H
Capacity Ah: 32
CCA: 200
Model: 8A22NFM
Capacity Ah: 55
CCA: 280

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  • Marine and RV
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  • Maintenance Saver
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